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Thread: Victoria Beckham bans size zero models

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    I don't believe for a second that she does this to promote a healthy body image. She is probably just madly jealous if a woman is thinner than her. She has huge issues with her looks.

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    but guys! Posh just has a SUPER FAST metabolism! She would love to be curvier but OH she JUST can't put on the WEIGHT!! Honest!

    Or something.

    I can't make my mind up about this woman. When I've heard her on the radio or on telly she comes across as quite funny and nice. Just in pictures and print she seems the total opposite. I wonder if she has watched 'Zoolander' too much, and thinks that 'Blue Steel' is the ultimate expression to make in photos!

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    ^^ I know what you mean.

    I keep hearing about how nice she comes across in interviews, but in every pic she looks royally pissed off or evil.

    Probably b/c she's hungry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetness View Post
    Probably b/c she's hungry.

    hahahahaha...its probably true. i know im happy when im eating
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