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Thread: Uruguayan model dies on the catwalk

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    Default Re: Uruguayan model dies on the catwalk


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    Default Re: Uruguayan model dies on the catwalk

    There is an article about this in this week's issue of british Closer magazine . its has a picture of the model taken 10 minutes or so before she died she looked pretty but her face looked so jaded like she was gonna faint on the spot. ill try and get hold on the mag and scan the article in.

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    People litterally dying to be thin? This world is so screwed up.

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    I agree, it had to have been that her potassium levels were whacked out but did you know she could have just as likely have died from her potassium being TOO HIGH. I was diagnosed with hyperkelemia ( toxic potassium levels) after years of anorexia and my doctor told me that my heart could stop just as easily if i had extremely LOW levels. So it could have been either extreme.
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    imo they're just trying to clear up her image by saying she doesn't have an eating disorder.

    sorry; didn't have.

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