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Thread: Tracy Anderson can give you a body like Madonna's

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    i think she's got a fantastic body too. and i wouldn't mind if she gave me gwyneth paltrow's legs either. and madonna already looked mannish before she started training with this chick so i doubt it's all her fault.
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    I like a little more shape to legs than what Paltrow has. But I have to admit her legs have improved a bit from whatever she's been doing. Madonna would still have a good body if she allowed herself to have a higher bodyfat level. She was once very feminine looking...even for awhile after she became "fit" but before becoming a fanatic.
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    I would love to have Tracy Anderson's body (although with my height of 5'5"). I was a gymnast and that body type is such an ingrained ideal to me.
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    I don't like my body that much now but I'll take what I've got over Madonna's veiny, muscular disgusting body ANY day.

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