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Thread: Too much grease for tubby John Travolta

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    Hey, he's Italian, we like our food

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    did not mean to ruffle feathers but weight gain seems to be a touchy subject round here. besides age and ethnic background can't he just take responsibility for the fact that he's exploded? this is a fat person. man boobs and a big carb cut. he's not burning what he is shovelling in. simple as that. besides which natuarlly he has a good physique so he's really let it go. and nope, i will never be like that. and i do eat french fries.

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    That's just it, I don't think he has a good physique naturally. I think he's very endomorphic. And even he stated numerous times that it took a lot of dedication and a strict regimen to attain and maintain the physique he had in 'Staying Alive'. This at a much younger age than he is now.

    There is no way to tell from this pic what he does or does not do on a regular basis when it comes to diet and exercise. With his genes, I'd bet my last dollar he does something, otherwise he'd probably be much bigger. I have seen him bigger than he is here. I'm sure with his career, family, flying and other intrests (gay lovers?) he's probably not laying around on his ass all day every day. I'm not touchy about size/weight...I just think you were being a little ridiculous here.
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