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Thread: Are these stick-thin models really anorexic..?

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    My thought is that perhaps they start off naturally skinny, and they know that they need to be like that to get into the business, but being around all that - other skinny girls, being constantly told you're too fat - they may actually develop anorexia.

    Even naturally skinny young women probably couldn't maintain that kind of body type as mature. Eventually their bodies would try to fill out, and that's when they could really run into trouble.

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    You're absolutely right. My naturally tall, skinny friend did some amateur modeling for awhile. But when she thought about taking it up a notch the first thing they told her was that she needed to lose another 10-15#. This was a girl who had always had to fight to keep weight on. She decided against it because she also played sports that she wanted to continue doing at the college level, and becoming this thin would have affected her athletic ability.

    It probably would have been easy enough for her to lose those pounds initially. But after a few years of regular existence in a weakened low-body weight state reminiscent of times in her life she fell ill and temporarily couldn't eat/drink to keep her weight up, her health would have suffered and I don't find it implausible that probably eventually her body composition and natural metabolic rate could change to the point where she actually did have to restrict her calories to maintain.

    So even if they're not really anorexics to start with...just naturally skinny girls...this industry will force it on them.
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    ^^I agree with this cause my little 90lb ass looks huge up against these girls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Egolita View Post
    why should you get help if it comes naturally to be thin? as long as you don't have any medical problems. i've had friends completely tiny and they were all very healthy and ate well. they were just really thin! lucky them i say. and to be really tall and naturally thin, i'd be a model too!
    I don't care. If the people were morbidly obese, and they didn't over eat, or sit on the couch all the day, people wouldn't accept that they are "naturally that way". I still think they should get help. People seem to think that as long as you're not obese/overweight then you're healthy. They think that you don't have to exercise or they can "enjoy themselves" by eating junk food until the cows come home. They're unhealthy too and it's sad.

    I've seen on another forum where a woman was "naturally skinny". She changed her diet and she gained weight, showing it IS possible, but instead people complain that it won't happen. She looks fantastic, especially with muscle definition. If I had this defeated attitude, I'd still be 200lbs and counting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luv2bthin View Post
    another good any of you watch the show The Agency?? i've seen several examples on this show where they are trying to pick female models and constantly going thru their pics and talking about "she's too fat" "shes not skinny enuf" or even telling them "your waist is too big, you need to lose at least 3 inches off your waist!" my guess is that if you want to be in the business, you'd better expect to be very thin at some point.
    yea i watch that show and your right. i also think its stupid to say "most models in the business are anorexic", anorexia is a very serious condition that is life threatening. i highly doubt that a large proportion of models are in a life threatening situation, if that were so the industry wouldnt be that way. i think alot may have very bad eating habits, others may just be naturally skinny, others may even be billimic but only a very, very small proportion would actually be anorexic. anybody who's arguing that no matter what you can gain weight just doesnt know what its like, ive gone through periods where ive eaten healthy, some where its just alot of junk food by ive weighed roughly 70 kilos for years (which is considered too skinny since im 6 foot 2) so ofcourse its possible that some girls actually just cant gain more weight.

    either way its not really their fault, the modelling industry is ridiculous with the requirements that are needed. what can be considered an amazing body in the real world alot of the time would be seen as "fat" in the modelling world.

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