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Thread: Sylvester Stallone's 62-year-old six pack

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    His arms look like cocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    He looks like he lost 40 lbs. I'm really bad with guessing weight but I'd say he's 180 pounds with very a low BMI. He lost all that neck fat and the hair (weave? toupee?) is so much better.

    I have no idea what the long term effects are for HGH and steroids.
    You're forgetting that he's a small man and that muscle weighs more than fat.
    He's one scary looking dude, and I doubt that using that stuff is safe. He's
    stupid to take it, risking his health while he still has young children.
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    No steroids are ever good, it's bed for the health, for everyone who has to deal with the bad temper that comes with it, and of course it's illegal and cheating in every way (both in sports and yourself and the fans you might have). I honour him as an actor, but he should do things the straight way.

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    Those arms are ripe for a needle. Yeah it's the roids.

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    I think the veins are just from age...his skin is thinner, and he has low bodyfat. Maybe he's a smoker too, my dad is very skinny and a smoker and his arms are like that (not as bad, but the veins are quite prominent)

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