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Thread: Seal's 2 O Clock Rule

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    Quote Originally Posted by muchlove
    Calories are calories, no matter when you eat them.
    Yeah but during the day, especially in the morning, metabolism is faster so calories have more time to be burnt later on. While what you eat in the evening/night is more likely to be stored in the "deposit" straight away, because at night we sleep and burn very few calories.

    (Of course this theory doesn't work for those who stay awake at night because they have a night-job or because they go dancing in the club till 3am!)

    Also, digestion itself burns calories, and this is the point of having small frequent meals - also to prevent the sugar level in your blood from jumping to high.

    Anyway, from whatever point of view you look at Seal's diet, he's making a mistake

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    Default Re: Seal's 2 O Clock Rule

    I am quite shocked at him too. But then again each to their own I suppose.

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