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Thread: Runway models at Dior/Armani 2009

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    Yes exceptions. The rule is still anorexic, starved drug addled wastes parading around as human coat hangars.
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    word freckle red.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    And while you clearly would prefer that we focus our comments solely on the designers who hire these models, we are LOOKING AT THE MODELS, and we comment on them. We do not like the look of starvation. And we do not like the industry standards that tell us that this is beautiful, and this is what we should strive to achieve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    For the one thousandth time, I never said I condone the "standard". Why is everyone so angry ?
    I'm not angry. I'm confused.

    On the one hand, the way these girls look is not their fault, so we shouldn't criticize them. But then it's ok to say that they're abnormal, extreme, etc. Clearly different. But don't criticize.

    But we should criticize the industry & the designers for hiring these girls.

    So if there's no reason to criticize the girls' appearances, why should we criticize the industry for using them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    See??? Thats my point!!!!!

    Whay is NOT okay to call morbidly obese people who are genetically predisposed to their ridiculous size, and need gastric bypass or something to ever lose weight FAT? That is mean or insensitive!
    Who says it's not okay? I never said it wasn't okay. Morbidly obese people ARE fat. Calling it something else because you don't want to be "mean" doesn't change the situation or make it any better. And when and if I see morbidly obese chicks on the runway, I'm sure I'll be grossed out as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    Why is it cool though to call 15 year old girl with crazy metabolisms disgusting? Concentration camp victims?
    I personally could give two shits about the coolness factor of it. I'm just calling it as I see it. It looks gross and abnormal and extreme and not at all sexy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    And about your calorie assesment Mrs Dark, since you are clearly a doctor, geneticist or nutritionist...can you explain to me why 15 year old boys can drink protein shakes, raw eggs, eat whole pizzas and drink 10 mountain dews and don't become morbidly obese? I would suggest a youthful metabolism...but clearly you are the expert.
    These aren't 15 year old boys, hon. And not all 15 year old boys could do that, FYI. Though it's fair to say that a growing 15 year old male eating this way does have a significantly less chance of obesity than any other demographic group. You're probably no more of a doctor or nutritionist than I am, I'll wager.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    I have said it repeatedly, I never said these girl were role models and I made no attempt ever to attack anyone on here, and tried to issue a disclaimer to try to not insult anyone, but man you guys are really uncool. I am sorry I posed the possibility of an altererior side to the story for you to consider.
    I don't consider that you posed an "altererior" side to anything. I just think you're taking things way too personally. If these girls don't want to be judged on their looks, they couldn't have picked a worse profession. If all these girls are so extremely skinny naturally and often times look physically ill in spite of eating things that would make most people average weight to obese, or at least suffer with little to no nutritional deficiencies, then why do we hear connection with modeling and the higher the level the greater amount....girls collapsing on stage and off? Osteoporosis? Organ failure? Death? Eating disorders? Drug problems? Last time I checked, things like this weren't occurring in large numbers amongst the Big Mac eating crowd of teens and 20somethings.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    So, go ahead, pick on some girl who came from some shitty place in Russia and say brutal things about her. Don't stop at calling her skinny, by all means call her the most insulting thing you can possibly think of. Because that is really awesome.
    Most likely, that skinny girl from a shitty place in Russia is now raking it in hand-over-fist and doesn't give two shits what someone like me has to say about them anyway. These chicks wouldn't piss on me if I were on fire, probably (not that they'd be hydrated enough to put one out with their piss ). And you know what? I don't care. It's their health, not mine. But it's funny how it's primarily the wannabes, neverweres and neverwillbes who don't have the money, fame and retinues of people calling them "fabulous" regardless of how bizarre they look or the state of their health who seem to get bothered by all us meanies judging "them".

    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    I just can't believe my input would be so offensive!
    It's not. You're just offended that someone doesn't agree with you entirely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
    And here, read this.

    Eastern European Models take over London Fashion Week -

    There ia a link to a New York Post article about this. I'm really not making this up.

    For the past few years designers have being using Eastern European models for various reasons, and one was that they are cheaper compared to the likes of Noami Campbell.

    IMO it has become the lastest trend to use Eastern European girls. Awhile ago there was a documentary film by a European Agency called 'Searching Siberia' that reveals how scouts visit remote towns to find the next top model.


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