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Thread: Raven Symone: That's So Raven

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    Default Re: Raven Symone: That's So Raven

    I have to agree with SVZ. As someone that's always struggled with their weight, it's not healthy to be her size. Now if she's happy with the way she is, that's fine, but are overweight people truly happy? I know that when I was very fat, I had a lot of problems with joint pain, with breathing problems, with blood problems (cholesterol, etc.).

    Sure, I could tell people I'm happy that I can eat what I want and whatnot, but I wasn't really happy with myself, I was worried about how I looked, etc. etc.

    I think when it comes to women, I feel that people are a bit more "sensitive" than if it comes to a guy whom we can all make huge fun of. A guy the height and size of Raven would definitely be called, ummm, fat without reservation from the same people that would be hesitant if it came to a female.

    Extremes of body weight are unhealthy, period. More young people in the U.S. suffer from being overweight than anorexia.

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    Wink Re: Raven Symone: That's So Raven

    Quote Originally Posted by SVZ View Post
    I like that Raven is a positive role model, but I don't think she's promoting a healthy lifestyle...SHE may be healthy, but another person at her weight may run the risk of heart disease, etc in the future because of their genes.

    I also don't think she's pretty Her face is like a vulture's

    ^ Agreed. While I don’t think she’s ugly, she’s not HEALTHY. But I also don’t think Nicole Richie is HEALTHY either.
    But if this is the size she’s comfortable with - she shouldn’t have to give into the pressure to lose weight. But if she keeps going at the rate she’s going a doctor will probably tell her something anyway. In that case, let us hope she doesn’t go the same route as Star.
    Sugar... The real gateway drug

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    Default Re: Raven Symone: That's So Raven

    Quote Originally Posted by StephC1520 View Post
    Hey, at least she is comfortable in her own skin..and thats hard as a teen
    agreed. she looks happy

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    I LOVE her! I don't watch the show but I think it's great that she is confident enough in her own skin to remain an average weight in Hollywood. she deserves a ton of credit!

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    I think she is a little bit overweight in some of those pictures but mainly it's the fugly clothes she is wearing.
    I don't find her face attractive in the slightest but her body looks fine on That's So Raven. In some she looks like she could do with shedding a few pounds just because the clothes don't suit her shape and size but she's nowhere near a life-threatening weight - unlike Nicole Ritchie.

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    I totally admire her, she seems like a great person. She's someone who really deserves to have the attention and in the spotlight. She's chubby and totally OK with it, she's not trying to diet like Nicole, Mischa, Kate, MK and all these wannabe barbies.
    She's a super in every way.

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    She looks so old! Oooh gosh poor girl...

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    Maybe its just me, but looking at her being "chubby" is much better then watching a Nicole Ritchie who makes me want to throw up.

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