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Thread: Rachel Zoe: I don't promote dangerous diet habits

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolem View Post
    Hey! Not everyone in Oregon is addicted to Meth! It's a huge problem here though (am from Portland) and now you have to have a prescription just to get Advil Cold and Sinus.

    Rachel Zoe looks very scary. I think it's too coincidental that 2 of her clients suddenly were as tiny as you could imagine. I'm thinking she def. game them something, or at the very least encouraged them to not eat.
    Dolem, Alice is an ex-Oregonian living in Hell-A who always scours our news looking for more reasons to slam our beautiful state rather than focusing on the f'd up one she's in. Ah well.

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    whatever her issue is, her face catastophy is not due to excessive diet/anorexia. No, to look like THAT at her age some sort of agent has to be involved--i def think hardcore many celebs her age are totally anorexic and dont look as aged in the face like that. Just like what happened to Pamela Anderson's face--in her case it may be hep C but only bc Id think having some disease doesnt exactly HELP your skin, but with PA its very possible shes on drugs too

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    I have to wonder from her quote exactly what rachel zoe would consider to be a dangerous diet practice....i guess sticking one's finger down one's throat doesn't count

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