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Thread: Rachael Ray's weight explodes

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    I agree that she isn't fat. She wasn't blessed with any womanly curves, so she mostly looks stubby, but definitely not fat.

    I don't mind Rachael's 30-Minute Meals on the Food Network. My daughter loves her talk show and watches it every day. I had the misfortune of being around the other day when it was on and had to listen to her fawning endlessly over Laura Bush. Blech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suede View Post

    Anyway - her clothes are more often than not, not flattering to her figure type at all.
    I have seen her in exactly ONE dress that I thought "WOW! She looks wonderful!" and it was simply the cut and the fabric. I think her upper body is rather hard to dress, which doesn't make her fat or flat (although I think she's done a fair amount of bra experimentation on the show, for which I give her credit). That white dress with the red sash isn't really flattering to her shoulders and arms, though she certainly doesn't look fat in it. I think she's an average 38 year old woman without Madonna's daily hours of body maintenance available.

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