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Thread: Post-baby, size 4 Trista Sutter not happy with her weight

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    Would if the bitch is skinny yet. Oh wait, she wasn't even fat. Dumb whore.
    Proud where's my glass of wine?

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    116 pounds..... DAMN what a whale!!!

    I wore my skinny jeans all throughout my pregnancy. That's right. I was sooo skinny those jeans were practically falling off, and I was so hot the doctor got a big stiffie while he was performing my month early vanity c-section. I jogged out of that hospital a good 30 lbs. lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. Made all the other new mommies (who were FAT hogs) jellus.

    If you gave birth 3 whole months ago and STILL have 10 lbs. to lose your life might as well be over.

    Seriously-- I think Twitsa needs to go and take a big dump. All that shit she's filled with must weigh a ton.

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    you already know.


    whatta crazy twat! i cant stand that woman!

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