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Thread: A plumper Jessica Simpson with rattled hair and no sense of style

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    She has definitely gained weight, but she's like 3 feet tall so even if it's five pounds it's too much. Those clothes overly emphasize how much she might have put on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    She has gained weight. Look at how she is using her bag as a shield.
    That bag has Suzy-Qs in it, and chips and Cheetos and Jolt Cola. Do not laff.
    "I am a social vegan; I avoid meet! Anonymous Introvert

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyumdi View Post
    I think she looks pretty good heavier, but I do not care for those pants especially with those shoes.
    I agree. She's not that big, and she's still beautiful.
    Tea baggers want to fight the Man because the Man doesn't look like them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunShine23 View Post
    i guess im in the minority but i always liked her and always thought she was pretty
    me, too. the weight gain doesn't look bad imo, but she dresses like shit.
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    I think it's just shitty clothing....

    And to be fair, I don't look exactly runway ready after I get off a long flight either. Posh does because she takes the time to pretty herself up prior to departing. Hard to do in Coach...

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