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Thread: Oprah Winfrey admits to tipping the scales at 200 Lbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KristiB View Post
    Beakers Ode to Oprah

    Oh that's awesome! Love Beaker! Made my day
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    I don't judge people by their weight. Unless I'm making fun of a celebritard.
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    she has been packing it on.

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    i can tell when she gets fat by looking at her chest. her boobs are huge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    I also think it rankles with The Oprah that she can buy anything and everything life has to offer, but she can't buy herself thin.
    That's why she is fat because she enjoys the good life. I like Oprah heavier and don't understand why she constantly beats herself up over her weight. What is the point of having all that money if she can't enjoy good food? Her image is not weight and body driven like Madonna's. She's not going to make less money because she is fat (she probably makes more when she slips off the wagon) so she should just be fat and merry.

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    Pffft. 200# on a "thin" day maybe.

    On that "How did I let this happen again" cover her face actually looks better after. It looks weird and drawn and starved on the skinny side...and yet even there her body is not super thin...she's still downright smooth, FFS. This woman was clearly not meant to be skinny. I think it if weren't for decades of extreme yo-yo dieting she could be medium chunky and carry the weight really well without the flab rolls she probably (and obviously) has now if she even gains a few pounds.
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