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Thread: Nicole Richie wasting away...

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    Default Re: Nicole Richie wasting away...

    I thought it was Star Jones

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    Default Re: Nicole Richie wasting away...

    Quote Originally Posted by SammysMom
    I thought it was Star Jones
    Star Jones hasnt even been super skinny has she? Not now or ever.

    But those blind items are a joke. I could just as easily make something up if I was bored enough in my cubicle at the NY Post or the E! Office, I doubt it would be hard and would be enough to start some nasty rumors when it could be pure bullshit.

    I saw some paparazzi pics and Nicole looked like she could have gained a little.

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    Default Re: Nicole Richie wasting away...

    Gawd, that's gross.
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    Default Re: Nicole Richie wasting away...

    I think Nicole Richie keeps herself super skinny because of all the PRESS it gives her.

    Never in her life has Nicole Richie been in the press more than for her weight.

    I think if she gained weight and looked normal again, she'd be out of the rags. Because what else does she do to be noteworthy? She isn't Paris Hilton's friend anymore.

    She likes all the attention she's getting from this. I wonder when the press will tire of constantly photographing her super skinny frame. Does anyone care ??
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