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Thread: Naturally skinny people-cursed or blessed?

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    LOL, who could forget glacial glares...?

    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, y'all. *flips hair*
    These people don't give a fuck about YOU or us. It's a message board, for Christ's sake. ~ mrs.v ~
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    My mother is naturally thin - around 5'3" and about 102 for most of her adulthood. About 108 post menopause. My sisters and I take after my father's side of the family, ie - not fat but muscular and hourglass. Anyway, back to my mother. I have listened to her over the years tell me how women get snarky because she is effortlessly slender. She says this with pride and arrogance. It's annoying because it's not like she's earned it - it's just the way she came out of the womb - and I felt like she competed with me for male attention when I was a teenager. I bowed out.

    I'm not sure if her thinness is a blessing or a curse. I guess a blessing for her because she gets her self esteem from it and looks fantastic and youthful for her age without any plastic support and a curse for me because it stoked body image issues as a kid and makes her somewhat unsympathetic to the weight struggles of others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaramelSugarBoo View Post
    Im not a 20 year old twit with a bad atitude though. In real life im just lovely. A modern day audrey hepburn if you will (in terms of personality and style, you unerstand). Most men are drawn to me because of my quick wit, sparkling charisma, and kind, modest nature. Im an absolute doll in looks and personality, so dont you worry about that. Im just here to vent. This is the internet. I can say what i like without fear of being hunted down and shanked. Dont judge me. Isnt it time for the gym, dear?
    I'm 20, and I say you're a twit with a bad attitude.

    This thread is one long saga of "WTF?!" proportions. Wow. I'm slightly embarassed that someone that retarded shares my birthyear.

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    It is both a blessing and a curse.

    I love that I don't have to worry about gaining weight after every meal. I hate that I am given a false sense of security about my health because I don't gain weight.

    I love that I am thin but still curvy. I hate the people assume that all skinny people are twigs with boyish figures.

    I love hanging out with my friends but I hate when people try to throw extra food on my plate to "fatten me up". I hate that I can't say no to food without people assuming that I am starving myself or have an eating disorder.

    Written down it looks like more of a curse, but if you can ignore all the rude jibes from people, being skinny ain't so bad.
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    I agree Sleuth, it ain't all that bad if you can ignore the stupid comments and I can lol.
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    I have always been naturally skinny. I'm only 5'1'' so I am just a very tiny person all together. I've had to constantly explain to people that just met me that I am naturally this way, I don't have an eating disorder, I eat, etc. It used to really bother me in high school. I always really would have loved to more curves and boobs when I was a teenager like all my friends were starting to develop, lol. But I've learned to become more easy going about it and have finally accepted that this is the way that I am. Both my parents have fast metabolisms, so it is something that runs in my genes.

    I do think that society has a difficult time understanding how people can be naturally skinny and still healthy, because most people assume that people like me have eating disorders, before they get to know me. I can understand where they are coming from but I will admit that it can be very frustrating to constantly defend and prove myself to certain people.

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