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Thread: My belly was HUGE after 3 babies - but was 7,000 tummy tuck solution worth it?

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    i say look at your own mom and grandmom. my grandma had 9 kids her fricking belly hung to her knees. my mom had three kids and she still looks 9 months pregnant. i had two and i looked like this lady above (it went all buggy after my last child). i lived with it for three years. i couldn't hardly bend. there was a big seperation in my muscles too. you could definately feel it. clothes fit so weird. i had to buy a size 16 to fit around my belly but my pants would be loose and look ridiculous everywhere else. it was really disheartening and you feel really down on yourself. especially if you looked good before and tried to keep it up and there was nothing you could do about this, it was genetics.

    i had a tummy tuck (and a bit of lipo on my hips to contour). it was covered by insurance because it caused alot of skin problems (underneath the flop ewww) and, like big boobs it was a bit of a strain on my back. they sewed my muscles together nice and tight and cut off all the excess skin. i have a lovely scar from hip to hip now. but it was worth it to not feel deformed (no offense to anyone who does have this, that's just how i felt inside). i immediately lost four pants sizes after surgery. i wish i had before pictures like she did. but i would never even go close to a camera!

    it really farks with your head when that happens. i felt very womanly and pretty before. after i had my last baby and this happened i became very non sexual because i had a 'mom' body (as in i had my mother and grandma's body now and it was asexual to me). it's like i aged 30 years overnight. and i was only 27 too. you try and try to fix it. people say 'do situps' and you just wanna smack them because there is NOTHING you can do about it.
    after my surgery, i felt so much more confidence. my doc did an awesome job. new belly button and tight looking abs. i was laid out for a while but it was worth all the pain.

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    ^^Good for you. What an awesome feeling that must be! And it was covered by insurance too?

    Woo hoo!!

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    She looks so much better ... and happier!

    The 'before' picture she looks very sour ... like someone who wouldn't smile as you pass lanes in the shopping center or something.

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    She looks much better with the tummy tuck, and much worse with that orange hair dye job. Ugh.

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