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Thread: Mischa Barton slams skinny celebs (WTF?)

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    Oh i know what skinny fat means. She has really wide hips, but shes skeletal.
    And girls use her as thinspo along with nicole richie, paris, kate bos, etc..

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    If she's the ana's thinspo it could only be from the waist to neck up because any part of her where there's anything but bones is a flabby mess! If there's any extra mass whatsoever that is not flesh stretched over bones then that's too fat for the sick chicks (the Anas).
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    i can relate to being "skinny fat" im naturally skinny but i don't work out which makes me jiggly. anywhos mischa should STFU although its nice to hear this coming from someone other than Scarlett or Kate it is still nonetheless annoying.

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