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Thread: Mariah Carey has put on 15 pounds and loves it

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    Mariah's problem isn't so much weight gain, it's that she insists on pouring herself into too tight and too revealing clothes that are tacky no matter what she weighs.

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    she has Matt (I don't own a shirt) McConafuckican'tspellit sydrome with the really short looking arms. Its odd, because they look like they are long enough but they just look really short and t-rexxy on her.
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    I dislike the woman but will say she looks good in the white dress.

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    That's the best I've ever seen her look.

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    she likes to let it all hang out!! lol!!

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    15 pounds over or under weight, I've always found Mariah as gross!! Air heads that are cute are fine sometimes, but air heads that are arrogant, ewwwww, that is a big turn off for me. If a woman is going to be a diva, then at least have brains to back it up. So for Mariah, I could careless what her weight is, she is gross to me. Yuck.
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