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Thread: Madonna's Weight

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    Default Re: Madonna's Weight

    Quote Originally Posted by Voodoo Child
    I lift weights and my arms look nothing like that. Mind you I have only just started! But umm back to Mads, I don't like her arms.
    Her arms are too bulked up. I also lift weights but I use light dumbbells and my arms look normal. But then I'm not working out 8 hours a day like Madonna probably is.

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    Default Re: Madonna's Weight

    ^^^ That and steriods, all the way. Ohh, and plastic surgery. As SVZ points out, she needs fat at her age - I'm sure she's had all of it lipo-sucked out.

    OMG, can you imagine her as a granny. Poor Lourdes & Rocco.
    Claude os, aperi oculos!

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    Default Re: Madonna's Weight

    ehhh....that does not look good.Her skin is sagging!

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