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Thread: Leg fat etiquette

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    I don't understand the "fat cootie" comments either. I don't think people are concerned about being touched by fat, they just don't want to be pressed up next to a stranger's body when they're in a situation where they are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying (movie, theater). Especially if they paid big bucks for the tickets.

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    right. and you know even if someone is bigger and their leg is in my area or if they are tall and scrunched into a seat with no leg area and have to spread their legs out, i fell like I AM being rude by touching them! so i move over. it's not cuz i'm icked out by them by all means! i'm just trying to give them their space. one size does not fit all in certain places. and you either adjust or move. like the guy in the article did. but you aren't personally blaming the other person for putting their body past your invisible seat line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
    I have to admit that I have often seen very large people in scooters at stores and thought they wouldn't be in them if they hadn't let themselves get so large. My little cousin has made me more aware that sometimes people are not walking due to other medical issues. The same when I see healthy looking people using handicap spots now that I met a very thin older woman with a heart condition. She parks close so she will not have to exert herself as much.
    A friend of my godmother has a heart condition, which in Australia allows you to park in handicapped spots if it's severe enough. Two guys saw him park there, yelled obscenities at him for parking in a handicapped spot just because they assumed from his physical appearance that he was fit (he ignored them). When he got back his car had been all dented up and the tires slashed.

    If the self-righteous vandals had even though to look they'd have seen he had a handicapped sticker on the car FFS!

    Anyway. I think the moral of this thread is: people are rude, inconsiderate and generally suck.

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