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Thread: Kelly Ripa

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    trying to get pregnant for a good 9-10 months now and we're all 'uh, maybe you should stop running twice a day and stop and eat a little more?'
    I'm amazed by all of these super skinny famous women who expect to get pregnant while they're starving themselves. When you're too thin and you finally get prego - miscarriage! Giuliana Rancic, for example. It's a sad, terrible thing, but the woman has only herself to blame at that point, cos she's literally not a viable source of nourishment for a fetus.

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    Jesus, she's so skinny. There's fit and muscular that actually looks good (like Cameron Diaz), and there's crazy skinny muscular like Kelly Ripa. I always thought she was at least 6 years older than her husband, I was so shocked that they're the same age.

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    I wanted to post these pictures from my friend's facebook, because I couldn't believe how skinny Kelly Ripa looked in them. Wasn't sure where to put them... did a search and figured I'd just bump this thread with the pictures.

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    Sadly, she probably considers herself "obese" back from her Dance USA days. She was standing next to Kim Kardashian on her show, & she looked half Kim's size! I bet she prides herself in fitting into one of her 10 year old daughter's clothes: "look we are the same size"!

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