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Thread: Kelly Osbourne loses 20 lbs on the DWTS diet

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    She has a fucking corset on.. of course she looks slimmer.

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    Im rooting for her though I think she is close to the end
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    that pic is photoshopped so of course she looks good.

    Quote Originally Posted by azoria View Post
    I guarantee by the time she's 45 she'll be:

    *350 pounds with bleached blonde hair, thunder thighs, and the victim of numerous plastic surgery procedures.

    Mark my words.
    which means she'll look like her mother (sans bleached hair) prior to the gastric/lap band. hard to stave off the genes...
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
    I just like her for some reason.
    I do too.
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    I like her too.

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    I like her too! I have only watched DWTS once, and it was last week at my sisters house with a few friends. Sis was convinced Kelly would be voted off. One of her friends kept calling her a lard ass. Kelly, not my sis(who is in fact a lard ass, lol) I was blown away at the catty criticism.
    I think she looks great, and can be quite cute at times. Glad she has made it another week. I might have to watch it next time.

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