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Holy Hell @ the red suit. Is that a real picture??? Ity's so very very different than recent photos. If it is real, she was either going through a "heavy" (in comparison to recent pics) phase, or she has changed her eating habits, however...

...she was always trim in general (look at her skinny shoulders here), definitely disproportionate (heavier lower half), but a change in diet, like quitting the junk food, might maybe make a naturally thin person suddenly too thin? And as someone else said, a thin person who has a bad week and drops 5 can all of the sudden look ill.
I don't know and really don't care, but having a father who is also a dancer I know that a) we were always aware of how we looked b) we exercised albeit not in a gym c) stopping eating junk food had an amazing effect on what I was told was already a slim body (for me) - so it wouldn't be completely unheard of (but I wasn't as skinny as she was when I did it)
Plus she's been working on 6/7 films back to back.
Also she said this in 2006
During the press conference held after the premiere, Keira answered all the questions patiently, including those related to her so-called eating disorder. She told the reporters that, despite the fact that anorexia is almost a family trait and that her grandmother and great-grandmother suffered from it, she personally has no such problems.
So I personaly think that everyone around her is aware of the dangers.

What I don't understand is why you all hate her, she was quite good in Domino (and I didn't want or expect to like her in it)

(oh and for those of you that don't believer the "skinny gene" I lost tones of weight (30 lbs) just from walking to work and back again every day. I started lunch at 11/45 & ate untill 2pm to eat enough to keep me going!)