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Thread: Kate Winslet- "I'm Not Going To Hide My Stretch Marks For Sex Scenes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycgirl View Post
    I'm sure she is admirable. But at some point, this preachy holier-than-thou stance starts getting annoying. It shouldn't be the only thing one stands
    out for for soo many years
    My, it's a sad situation when a woman is considered preachy & holier-than-thou for insisting on being normal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ourmaninBusan View Post
    ^^ The studios think of her as an investment, and they will
    protect their investment by airbrushing, presumably without
    telling her.

    In fact, she once criticized a magazine for airbrushing a cover photo
    of her to make her skinny and remove her curves after the mag
    had come out...and the mag claims her people signed off on the
    cover photo (i.e., they gave it their OK). This is a trifle disingenuous
    on her part: she stands to gain the benefits of airbrushing while
    railing at the deceptive practices of the industry.

    (And yet another report indicates she is an expert calorie-counter
    when she shops...which means she possesses the same weight-
    watching obsession.)

    I think she's a great talent and a beauty, but she's not above
    the occasional meaningless, hypocritical rambling that other celebs
    are famous for (Banned: "I'm not having sex for a whole year!")
    Well I can't say that's not true. It is quite hypocritical for her to do that, but we're all human. I still think her message is good because, even if it's not 100% true, it's something to go against the countless amounts of too-thin actresses going "omg I'm perfect look at my bones!" As long as she never gets stickly thin, her message still has some meaning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ourmaninBusan View Post
    1. On the weight issue, she may be trying to have her cake and eat it
    too -- she may claim to be a "real woman" and not some surgically-
    enhanced, photoshopped waif while still getting the benefits of airbrushing and such,
    thanks to her publicists and her agents....Is it okay for her to be
    a hypocrite if she's more talented than, say, Paris Hilton?

    2. What part of ourMANinBusan don't you understand?
    You interpreted that wrong, mainly because I didn't write it very clearly. I meant that as a universal You, like her people are saying, "Look, she's just like you (meaning the "everyday woman" per se)." Do I make any sense?

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