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Thread: Jessica Simpson's weight fluctuation

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    ^^nodaybuttoday...last time I checked, you wanted to be 140, now 130? wow. awesome! keep up the good work! hehe. and I agree, John is a stoner, and word is Jess did a lot of coke while filming dukes.

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    I moved it to 130 b/c it puts me at a healthy BMI and 140 was just outside of that. Considering my ultimate goal is to be healthy I felt I should get myself within that healthy range (even if it's still the top of the range). Trust me, it's not going any lower than that. I have no desire to be stick thin, just healthy. I'm starting to like my body more and more even at a size 14, I like that I've reached the point where I'm curvy and I have a shape (other than round). I still have a gut, and I will always have a booty, but my shape is looking nicer.

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    ^That's really great and fantastic! Keep it up!

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    Well done, NoDay! It's great to see how motivated you are, and I'm sure seeing the results of all the hard work must be nice.

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