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Thread: Jessica Alba getting too thin?

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    yeah she does look better with muscle on her

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    I just saw her on TV and she looks really bright and radiant. I really don't think she's on drugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by hankypanky View Post
    Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra and Madonna are my favorite Hollywood bodies. Toned, athletic but feminine.

    hmm, I agree with your first two there, but personally I think Madonna (as she is now) looks like a female Gollum.

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    I would say her only appeal is not that she has a stunning face because she really doesn't in my opinion, but her figure. Once she loses that, what else has she got? Of course, the breasts will stay the same size. Everyone's do in Hollywood.

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    jessica used to anorexic starting out in hollywood - who knows ? a relapse for sure .

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    Jessica has said herself that she suffered from anorexia when she was a child. I don't remember where I read that but I remember her saying that everyone in her family is/was obese and that made her very conscious of what she ate because she did not want to be obese like her family members. That later turned into an eating disorder...

    She very well could be relapsing—that's definitely not unheard of when it comes to eating disorders. I haven't seen her recently but the last time I saw her I did think she looked a bit thinner than usual, but then again she had gained about 10 lbs recently, didn't she? I remember seeing her sometime last year and she looks about 10 lbs heavier than I remembered her. Maybe she's just lost that weight again and we're now noticing and thinking it's too much weight.

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