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Thread: Jennifer Garner

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    I thought she was perfect in Juno as the uptight desperate woman who wanted a baby so badly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celeb_2006 View Post
    Within weeks though?

    I'm shocked that she didn't pose for a cover story, 'How I lost 60 pounds 2 days after the baby' Instyle magazine photo shoot.

    Shocked I tell youse.
    It wasn't weeks. Her baby is almost 8mos old.

    I lost 26 of my 32 pounds within one week of being home and I'm no celebrity. It's just not that hard and I don't think all these celebrities should be put on the cover of a magazine for "losing the weight that they gained while pregnant".

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    Well, I lost 30lbs the week after giving birth from the 48 I put on with my first pregnancy and 18 lbs of 15 after the second but I gained all of them back during bf-ing. So no, losing it instantly it's not hard (especially if you're on a diet during your pregnancy like most of the celebs - not Jennifer though - you actually end up skinnier than before your pregnancy or keep your weight gain sensible like I did second time round) the hard bit is not gaining post pregnancy but maintain or lose the extra bits within a year. I couldn't do it so I was cheering for Jennifer cos she gained a - seemingly- lot and got rid of it sensibly.

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    She's looking a bit too thin lately, maybe because she's filiming a movie
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    It's nice to see a celeb not rush through losing the pregnancy weight.
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    Looking good, Jennifer!

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    She looks good!

    Her wardrobe is usually blahsville - jeans, tee shirt, tennis shoes.

    Got to hand it to her, she tries to keep Violet's life as normal as possible going out and about (if they could just ignore the fact that people are taking pictures of them all the time).

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