janice dickinson epitomises what is wrong with the fashion and modelling industry, that comment really does fucking disgust me. yes girls should be thin in modelling but shouldnt they be healthy aswell? being healthy means looking healthy and to look healthy means you should look great and also THIN! not ridiculously thin but naturally thin and toned.

advertising unhealthy eating habits to keep extra thin, an unhealthy and most of the time UGLY look is totally disgraceful and i dont see how it makes the models any better or the clothes look better either. all it does is make girls feel bad about their own perfectly normal bodies which alot of the time are great. sure if your fat you should get into shape, the proper way, eating healthy and going to the gym not by not eating anything at all you stupid plastic bitch.

i respect someone who is honest and speaks their mind but to do that and still get respect you have to have a fucking clue you stupid whore!