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Thread: Iman's daughter Zulekha Haywood undergoes gastric band surgery

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    I know. I just wondered if she had a career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    What does Zulekha do? She seems rather obsessed with her image. Although I can see how being the child of Iman (especially before she met David Bowie) would have been awful for her.

    yeah that big article of her is alot of her 'complaining' about being so beautiful now, yet it seems almost like she desperately wants to come off as being beautiful. definite issues with her mom. like 'see mama! i'm gorgeous now! do you love me mama? do you love me?'

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    A very old article on Iman and Zulekha:

    Mom from hell - claimed daughter

    Striking Iman is one of the most exotic models ever to be catapulted to fame on the catwalks. She made a fortune, married a basketball star - and is now the wife of rock icon David Bowie.

    But there's heartbreak behind the glitter.
    She was accused of turning her first daughter into a "basket case" and all those painful memories came flooding back when she gave birth to Bowie's daughter Alexandria last August.

    "She often told me I was as fat as a whale," first daughter Zulekha, now 23, said in 1993. "She turned me into a basket case. Iman acts likes she cares about all those starving children in Somalia, whereas she doesn't even care about her own child."

    Now sources close to the family hope those troubles are behind Iman.

    "Being Iman is a full time job," says an insider. "We hope her concern with her own image doesn't make her forget job one-being a mom.

    "Iman's past her prime as a model, but you'd never know it. She still conducts herself as if she was the same hot young thing and still longs for the glamorous life.

    She's a strange and volatile person. She also brags about spending hours each day in front of a mirror before feeling good enough about herself to go anywhere or meet anyone."

    Zulekha, Iman's child by basketball star Spencer Haywood, claimed the model was a horrible mother who made her life a living hell.

    Iman starved her of affection, she charged, so she gorged herself on food to hide her pain. Zulekha also claimed that Iman left her home alone without food while she went partying, and even went on a ski trip to Aspen and forgot about her.

    Haywood said his marriage to Iman was wrecked when she began "bumping and grinding" with singer Grace Jones at a Paris disco.

    "I was so disgusted I stormed off," he said. "The next morning Iman came back to the hotel and I told her we'd be husband and wife in name only."

    In his shocking autobiography The Rise, The Fall, The Recovery, Haywood says that for the last two years of their nine-year marriage they didn't make love.

    He also accused Iman of turning him into a cocaine junkie and an alcoholic, destroying his sporting career.

    "She introduced me to all the right people, who were all the wrong people. Everywhere we went drugs were passed around like candies."

    Haywood even said Iman trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant "so she could stay in America."

    "She said she was having an abortion, and I did the right thing," says Haywood, who played with the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers. Iman, who has been married to superstar Bowie since 1992, said: "I tried, and indeed, continue to try to be a good mother." "Like any human being, I am not always perfect"

    The Sunday Times Mirror Magazine Section

    All of God's children are not beautiful. Most of God's children are, in fact, barely presentable.

    If I wanted the government in my womb I'd fuck a Senator

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    I think Haywood's book may have alluded to the fact that Iman also had that ghastly female circumcision operation. Iman herself has been silent about that, unlike her fellow supermodel Waris Dirie.

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    I think Iman, Spencer Haywood and her daughter have made up.

    Here's a recent interview with Spencer Haywood:

    MT: You got caught up in the drug game. When did cocaine become a part of your life and why?

    Haywood: That was a time in my life where I became lost in my spirit. At that time, I was married to Iman. We lived a superfast lifestyle. Everything was flying around us. People were saying that cocaine was a chic thing, the in thing. You think to yourself that you know it’s wrong. I definitely knew it was wrong. If I didn’t, then why was I peeking through the keyhole? Why was I peeking through the blinds? Why was I peeking and looking through the lightbulb? I was paranoid out of my head! Every single time I did it! I knew it was wrong. I knew it was demonic and devilish. I knew it was ungodly. I had put my shield down with God. So when you put your shield down—hey man we are a proud people, but all we have is our love for the spirit that pervades our wanting souls. When we drop that, anything can come in and conquer you. So I’m glad it was just cocaine, it could have been a whole lot of other (expletive)! Not that cocaine wasn’t truly devastating to me, my career, my family—everything else, but damn. It had nothing to do with God. It was about me then. I had pushed God to the side and said, “Hey look, I need to be in charge!” I had the fine model wife; I had the cars, the social status and everything that comes with all of that. Along the way, I almost lost my way man.

    MT: How did you find your way back?

    Haywood: I went back to simple. When I went through recovery, I left New York. I said I gotta go home to Mississippi and sit on the banks of the Yazoo River. I used to remember sitting at this same garbage dump getting the shoes that I alluded to before. I had to clean my mind and start all over again. Man oh man, it was so hard to even think about what I had done. So, like I said, I had to get back to the basics. I had to find my way back to the church. Growing up, I was in church from day one. I felt at peace there. My mother had me there from sun up to sun down on Sundays. I had to get my mental strength back. The Lord is what got me back. Black people know this: He may not come when you want Him to, but he’s always on time. I was sleeping and dancing with the devil riding in the clouds, thinking foolishly how wonderful the journey was. Man, I was riding with the devil!

    MT: Do you have an amicable relationship with supermodel and ex wife Iman?

    Haywood: Yeah we’ve always been on good terms. Sometimes the media is funny. I don’t know where the rumor of her and I not getting along started, but it’s never been the case. We have a twenty-seven year old daughter! We better be on speaking terms! (Spencer chuckles) I brought her from Africa. Her sisters, I got everybody from Somalia. They come from the same dirt road like I came from. People have got tossed up into thinking: “She’s a supermodel, she’s this, she’s that!” Hey! We came from the same river bank, the same dry community. Extreme poverty, but there was no shortage of love. It was the same thing as growing up in Mississippi. We had the cotton fields, they had whatever they were cultivating in Somalia. There was almost no difference. It still is not that different. When it comes down to it, Iman can be flying high and all I have to say are a few words: “Hey babe, remember when?” She would then say: “Oh Wood! Don’t mention that anymore and smile” If we were talking on the phone she would say “Don’t talk like that, here’s ya daughter, talk to ya daughter.” You tryin to make me go back home. We would just laugh. As long as we have that understanding, we will always be cool. There isn’t room for animosity when you have children. All these parents out here at each other’s throats constantly, don’t understand that they are affecting their kids in a seriously detrimental way. Iman was my best friend. You just don’t go out and forget about your best friend. Every woman I have ever been with has been my best friend. Going back to the very first lady I was with when I was going through it at age nineteen, Madonna Love. Madonna Love and I are still tight. Of course, I still talk to Iman, we are still tight. Because I was raised by my Mother. I have four daughters! I don’t have sons. My mom once told me this old African proverb: “In order to pay me back for the burden of carrying you in my stomach for nine months, and going through the pain of labor. You are going to have to put me on your back and walk to the end of the earth and then come back to the same spot in Mississippi to repay the debt. Women go through it. For men to understand the pain associated with them going through labor, it would be like someone grabbing your groin and putting it on a table and hammering it repeatedly. Now that’s some pain!

    MT: Whoa! The thought of that has me grabbing my pants!

    Haywood: So the moral to all that is to tell our men to not hate the women who are the reason why we are here. We all have our faults and our insecurities. That doesn’t mean that we as men push our plight onto their already burdened shoulders. We can’t be angry with them because they aren’t our wives or girlfriends. That’s just life! Deal with it brotha’s! Pick yourself up and move on! If we hate women, then we hate ourselves and there’s simply no place for that. That African proverb is not a lot different than one that Iman heard when she was in Somalia. Wherever we have common ingredients—a lot of it is color—we have the same roots.
    Most people don’t realize that when Iman was at the height of her modeling career, I took care of our daughter. I was basically a single parent. I raised my daughter before I married my wife. It’s not that Iman was a bad mother, because she’s a great one, it’s just that she had to do what she had to do to get where she is. She now runs and operates Iman Inc., which has become a very successful business. She and I always understood that whatever we had to do that was right for the child, we would do that. My daughter came to me when she was twelve. I raised her until she graduated from Michigan State, now she’s back in New York and works with her mother at Iman Inc. So there is absolutely no animosity between Iman and me. I don’t for the life of me understand what the public is thinking. (Spencer laughs) Come on Mike! This is a work in progress. I just got a call yesterday from her brother, thanking me for sponsoring him in America. This stuff is so much deeper than all of that gossip bull(expletive). It’s Love and Basketball. I remember when Iman was in an automobile accident. I left the game because I didn’t have a choice. I had two of her sisters at the house, her brother and our young daughter. Some of them didn’t even speak the language! So I had to come home. Then people were saying that I walked away from basketball. No! I didn’t walk away from basketball. I understood what I was dealing with and the priorities that came with it. I had to take care of my family first and foremost. Iman was in critical condition. Who else was going to take care of my family as well as hers? Me! I had to do what I had to do. I had to give up my first love, and that was always basketball.

    Spoken Word: Spencer Haywood « The Starting Five

    That article above w/ Zulekha saying that Iman is a bad mom seems a little suspect though, just because wouldn't Zulekha have been only 13 or 14 in 1993? It just seems like she would have been a little too young to have been quoted in the press saying that.

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    Zulekha seems to have been born in 1978 so she would have been about 15.

    I see now that she works at her mother's cosmetics company dealing with her mother's image all day. I hope she can branch out.

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    Whatever the story, it can't be easy having a super model for a Mom

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