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Thread: 'I feel great': Confident Kim Kardashian cavorts around in a bikini after overhauling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brah View Post
    She did have lipo, it was mentioned in her divorce papers from her first marriage. That the guy paid for her liposuction.
    He should probably get his money back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    After looking at her figure with this latest influx of photos, this is my theory: It seems as if her body wants to be fat. It holds onto fat but her face doesn't get fat. Her body doesn't make sense. Is it oddly misshapen because of liposuction?

    Her legs look odd. They are misshapen too. That cinched waist doesn't make sense because when you cinch a waist on a hourglass figure the stomach will often pop out- again, weird lipo. The white bathing suit and blue bikini thighs do not match and there isn't much weight difference.

    Her waist is flat like a board (except she's blobby) but then she has these guitar shaped hips. Her arms are okay, her hands aren't fat, her wrists look average. She's like Pear Shape Interrupted.

    not only the liposuction on her stomach but that belt - it's not chincing her waist but her lower ribs which is smaller than her waist.

    i wish that she would have a decent hair cut, those raggity ends drive me insane. They look so unkempt.

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    I'd guess lipo + rib removal

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelais View Post

    Just in case you needed to curb your appetite today, Kim Kuntrashian posts this nastiness on facebook. What a couple of fucking sleazebags.

    How old is she seriouslY? That's the kind of pic you take when you're twelve and tongue kissing for the first time and you want to show off to your friends.
    At their age it's just fucking ridicoulous, not to mention throw-up material, and no one gives a shit whether you're cleaning his throat with your tongue fucking dumb twat.
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    Isn't that just a screen grab from her porno? Nothing new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by choozen1ne View Post
    And I just threw up
    Me too choozen1ne. I think she is is so fucking disgusting and I don't think she is pretty in the least.

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