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Thread: Hilary Duff

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    Yeah, now she does. The veneers are gone.

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    Aside from looking old for her age, she looks fine and seems like a sweet girl.
    Why she insists on trying to be a singer I'll never understand though.

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    she looked good when she was a bit more plump you could say, like in cheaper by the dozen. she looks like shit now, wtf have u done to yourself hilary!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie View Post
    Yeah, now she does. The veneers are gone.
    I dont think the veneers are gone, she said she got them because her real teeth were getting chipped, so theres no reason why she'd remove the veneers. She probably had more work done on them to make them look more natural. She probably rushed straight back to the dentist after all the comments about her 'horse teeth'.

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