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Thread: Health fears for super slender Tara Reid

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    Aww, I loved Jonathan Brandis.
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    I did, too. I totally watched Seaquest because he was on it.

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    And there were BIs all over at one time about how Tara was her family's big breadwinner for a while too - and several members of her family leeched off of her...

    And it would not surprise me if some greedy parents/guardians put their kinds in harm's way for a grasp at stardom and wealth.

    Any wonder why so many of Hollywood's younguns inexplicably go off the rails? And that lawsuit against Brian Singer seemed to just "fade away".

    Hollywood is such perv magnet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    And there were BIs all over at one time about how Tara was her family's big breadwinner for a while too - and several members of her family leeched off of her...
    And it would not surprise me if some greedy parents/guardians put their kinds in harm's way for a grasp at stardom and wealth
    It's so much pressure for a young man or woman...
    And people wonder why Lindsay Lohan is the way she is. She didn't come from the stablest of homes, her parents were/are sh*tty people, and her mother is literally her pimp.

    Quote Originally Posted by *Wookie-Chick* View Post
    And that is a great point about Jonathan Brandis too.. His family and friends kept saying that he was depressed about his flagging career and that was all.

    But the public now knowing what a sleazy, vile business Hollywood is, it makes one wonder what Brandis really went through.
    Exactly. And with Brandis especially - he wasn't some hard-partying, trouble-making kind of guy.
    By all accounts around the time of his death, he didn't do drugs, he was typically a social drinker, until shortly before his death.

    In fact, it hurts my heart to write this but, people have said on the night of his passing, he went out to dinner with friends and had invited a couple people over to his apartment for a little get-together after, secretly planning what he was going to do - specifically so it would be someone that he knew/trusted to find him. (As opposed to a neighbor/someone he didn't know that could take and sell pictures, exploit his death).

    The media quickly labeled it another "child star tragedy" and pushed it aside.
    But, I think there had to other factors as to why he was depressed (aside from not getting work).
    There are some actors that spiral very publicly over a period of time - Lindsay Lohan, Ed Furlong, Brad Benfro, Nick Stahl, Charlie Sheen...

    And then there seems to be something with child actors and them just "snapping." Like, one minute they seem fine, and the next, they're found rambling and setting small fires in your driveway (Amanda). Or worse, ending their lives. And the general public wonders why this happens.

    The thing they all have in common is that they are suppressing something.
    And it seems that if they are idle (not working) for even just a little bit, they begin to process the whirlwind of fame and all the horrible experiences or situations they've experienced along the way, especially as they grow older - at that point, most are "on the outside looking in" and seeing/realizing that they were/are being taken advantage of in one way or another for the first time since their rise to fame started.

    There are those that have made it through seemingly without major issues (at least in the press): DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Elijah Wood...
    There are those that have had bumps, but have made "the comeback": Robert Downey Jr. Britney Spears...
    And there are those like Tara and Edward that are noticeably hurting and numbing themselves yet, don't seem to be addressing their issues in any kind of "healthy way"

    It's like that metaphor "looking at a puppy next to a highway..." You just have this knot in your stomach knowing it's not going to end well.

    (Sorry for the book. I just have seen first-hand the effects of "the business" on people, my friends. And it's an issue that hits close to home)

    But, getting back on topic - I really hope that Tara gets or is getting help. Fame or not, fan or not - she's suffering, and it's horrible to see/watch.
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    “I’m just what I am,” she says. “So if you wanna get mad at me because I’m skinny, go ahead.”
    She really doesn't get it. No one is "mad" at her for being "skinny". People are concerned because she looks sickly.

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    Regardless of what people think of Tara, the people who comment mean stuff on her page are assholes. I don't get why people do that. People constantly comment on the weight of celebrities directly to them, then seem stunned when that person has a body image issue.

    I loved Jonathan Brandis growing up. He was my big time celebrity crush and I was stunned when he committed suicide. I agree with the thought that a lot of child stars are put through some shit, but at the same time dislike that people assume there had to be some type of trauma for someone to have depression or serious mental health issues. That's just as someone who has mental illnesses. To me, it always feels like when people suggest there had to be trauma, it makes mental illness seem like less of a disease. You can have mental illness without going through an emotional trauma.
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