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Thread: Gloria Estefan gaining weight?

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    Bless you LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palermo View Post
    Bless you LOL
    ......I'm learning....usually the hard menopause lessons so far:

    1) when her face is flushed, open the window...lacking a window, turn on a fan....lacking a fan, get a magazine and flap not ever mention why you are doing these things...

    2) when she sweats for no good reason and her face is a cloth or paper towel under cold water and wring it out a bit and then hand it to her without any comment at all.....

    3) when she tosses and turns at night....quietly take the blanket and go the couch without comment.....

    4) remind her of how wonderful it is that she doesn't have PMS any more....or periods.....

    5) buy her lots of things and save them for the times when she turns into a sarcastic, hateful bitch....(if she is ALWAYS that way, this is NOT temporary and you are dating the wrong woman)

    ....I am open to any and all suggestions of other things to do to stay alive while dating a menopausal woman..........I wish she would deal with it like a guy and go buy a Jaguar.....

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    Her dress style is not particularly flattering to her figure. That's probably a big part of it.

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    you already know.


    the older you get; the harder it is to lose weight already on you. thats why they say to lose it sooner in life b/c its hard as fuck once you hit 50 for sure. my mom is having a helluva time losing just 5 lbs. and she's 56, i really dont think its ever gonna happen and she doesn't even need to btw but thats just a fact of life. btw i think she's amazing and beautiful and cuban food is good as hell so i can understand why shes gained some weight fried plantains mmmmmmmmmm

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