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Thread: Gisele Bundchen blames families for anorexia

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuicyLucy View Post
    Didn't Giselle get criticized because she had more curves than most of the other models? She doesn't look nearly as thin or unhealthy as the majority of them do. Same thing goes for Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Curvy and fit is sexy. Not flat and scrawny, unless you're meant to be that way.
    I wouldn't say that Giselle is curvy, she is a scrawny stick....she's a liar and shell keep lying. I bet you if she stop her work out routines she would start gaining weight, but whatever.

    The fashion industry should bring back average looking models, like back in the 90's. Cindy, Claudia, Rachel, etc....they were average looking women with curves, but yet, managed to be thin. Not sick looking like they do now. It's ridiculous and not attractive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoodyJenny86 View Post
    Actually I'm not saying this is ALWAYS the case...but in a way I kind of agree with Gisele...

    When I was a teenager, starting at about 16...I struggled on and off with very serious bouts of both anorexia and bulimia for years and still do...(I didn't realize it AT the time...but the underlying issues of my ED had a lot to do with a lot of family problems...I was worried about a certain family member...and was just watching my family deteriorate right before my eyes...I felt lost and had no one to turn to...I was losing control of everything in my life and that's when my ED began...)

    But it's not like my family wasn't supportive...they were in denial and no one confronted me until it was too late...

    I'm not saying anything like 'Oh if you have a sucky family life you will most likely develop an eating disorder!'

    No...I'm just saying that it seems in a lot of eating disorder cases the sufferer has come from a dysfunctional family or has experienced trauma of some kind...whether it be abuse, rape, etc...

    But not don't get the wrong idea please...
    totally agree. it's too easy to blame the whole thing on the fashion industry. sure, it doesn't help, but it's overly simplistic to think it is the sole culprit. it's like blaming tv and video games for kids being violent and not looking at what's going on at home...
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    I saw a snippet of an interview with Gisele right after the Colcci fashion show that closed the Fashion Rio event. She made some pretty good points and what she said there was more complete and consistent. However, it was a TV interview and I don't have the transcript.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prnjcq7 View Post
    “Everybody knows that the norm in fashion is thin,” she said. “But excuse me, there are people born with the right genes for this profession.”
    Didnt she end up getting a nose/boob/job. So she wasn't born with it either.
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