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Thread: Gemma Ward to quit modeling over weight gain attacks

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    Good for her.
    she made lots of money already she doesn't need to be risking her health by starving herself just so she can fit in with some narrow minded fashion designer's idea of woman.
    I hope she finds something really fulfilling to do with her life. something that makes her happy.

    Seriously the fashion industry has always been mad but sometimes i feel its getting crazier. I love fashion but the stories i've heard first-hand of the way fashion models are treated, they way they are expected to be.. It makes me feel kind of angry but mostly just sad for them.
    Fashion modelling may seem like a glamourous job/lifestyle but the more i hear about it the more happy i am that i'm not a part of that scene(although like a lot of girls there were times when i was younger when i wanted to be)

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    she probably just stopped starving herself & doing drugs (especially since she dated heath ledger, maybe his death was a wake-up call).
    i love her, she's my favorite model and she has a great body which actually looks better now than before.
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    Well, she does look a bit chunky* compared to her former weight, so I can imagine the industry not being interested anymore. They have different standards. She could try for plus size modeling...

    *not saying she's fat. Just alot heavier than before.

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    So she's not runway thin, but....Chunky is far from an accurate description of how she looks now.

    I can't wait for some fashion honcho to go rogue and start having women/girls who look normal/thin like her (and Cindy Crawford and others of that time) and not these freaky looking specimens that have been hurting our eyes for the last decade or two looking like they're knocking on death's door.

    People would actually start being interested in models again and models would become celebs that popular mags (other than fashion) would want on their covers. Celebrity women (who are not high fashion models) are all over these covers now...even some of the fashion mag covers...because women would rather look like them than runway models.
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    Chunky is not the word! She looks fine, good luck to her

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    Quote Originally Posted by bomulll View Post
    modelling is a job and if she cant fit in to it anymore then she is not suitable ,no discussion needed

    She ain't no 'hero' or 'brave' person for "quitting."

    She'll be back in no time, how I lost 50 pounds!!! Though in that world, you don't exactly want to advertise that too much. You just go back to sniffing the nose candy and back to the runway.

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    Modeling is fucking stupid anyway, models should never be celebs. Runway models at least, are just coat hangers.
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    I do think she looks slightly heavier than she should be for her frame, but then again most people are these days anyway.

    I hope she sticks to modeling though, it would be interesting to see if she can sort of change the industry a little.

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