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Thread: Charlotte Church

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenia View Post
    Um, your son tells you how thin you are?
    Maybe there's a context I'm missing, but that sounds odd.
    If you don't have a son it may sound odd.

    My boy does the same thing-- I'll gripe and mumble to myself about needing to lose some weight. Then he'll say "Mother, you must be anorexic or something. You need to gain weight". That is certainly NOT the case, he's just trying to be sweet.

    When he was little, like around 5 or 6, he told me all the time that we were getting married. There's nothing disturbing or bad about it, that's just how a lot of little boys are. They love their mamas and are very protective of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xenia View Post
    For myself, I took a birth control pill that disagreed with me, and promptly gained 60 pounds. 3 years later I can't get the weight off, and I am not eating more, or exercising less, than I did when I weighed 118 lbs.
    I was prescribed medicine for my suddenly underperforming thyroid, and it made no difference at all, even after 2 years. I tried dieting stringently, and exercising madly, more than once, but when you do that for four months, and lose not an ounce, what's the point?
    Sigh. I don't think I'll ever see my real body again. And not even a kid to show for it.
    I'm so sorry to hear of this happening to you! I took the pill for years with no trouble, but my good friend got the shot (deprovera?) and rabidly packed on about 40 pounds. She had always been a thin girl and could eat whatever she wanted. That all changed and it took her years to get that weight off. Obviously, she swore to never get that shot again.

    They need to come out with some b.c. pills for men or something-- it's just not fair!

    Oh, and welcome to GR!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    OK - if you are so sure you have a stellar career ahead of you as a model - show us some pics. You're going to have to pimp your portfolio around a LOT of agencies so get used to some feedback now. I promise we'll be kinder than they will be. If you've really got it, flaunt it.
    I already posted the pictures on I think page 28 of the Post Your Pic thread. Not the professional ones. Just myspace shots. I'll try to scan some professional pics when I come back from Italy.
    BABii ii WANT T0 PLAii
    está bella traición que mato mi ilusion]

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    If she fell into a river with a python, she wouldn't have to worry cause I doubt it could unhinge its jaws that wide to get it in.

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