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Thread: Cameron Diaz urges Hollywood to take responsibility over size zero celebrities

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    This is funny coming from Diaz. I watched "A Life Less Ordinary" recently and she was a TWIG! She's super skinny...she may not look unhealthy, but living up to these standards is so hard.

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    The thing with celeb's is that they are ALL super slim. There are very few who are a size 10 (US Size 6) even & thats side. Cameron Diaz is right - there is too much emphasize on the body in Hollyweird, but Cameron herself is quite skinny too

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    BUT shes skinny without starving herself; there's a big difference between being naturally thin and being anorexic.

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    I have absolutely nothing against skinny women...when they are naturally really thin!I mean, we are all different!
    But there is a problem when you are a size 6 and that you starve yourself to be a size 2.

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