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Thread: Bryce Dallas Howard's weight

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    True, I will probably get fat and stay fat.
    I have such a hard time trying to lose weight.

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    It's doubtful. women lose the damn weight when they are ready. that doesn't just go for pregnant women. I gained 7 pounds in ONE month while I was pregnant. My ob-gyn told me that if I kept that shit up, I'd weigh 200 pounds (exaggeration) when I had a 6 pound baby. So, the following month, I went in and had lost 2 pounds - my ob-gyn said that the loss would make up for the major gain of the month before but I'd better not lose an ounce when I next visited. What I'm saying is that we can control what we put in our mouths. It's not healthy for mother or child to gain 70, 80, 100 pounds while pregnant .. unless you're birthing an elephant.... I lost 27 of my 30 pounds gained by the time I went in for my 6 week checkup and I've yo-yo'd over the years and I probably always will..
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    She is so beautiful. I really like her look.
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