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Thread: Britney Spears ‘puts Kevin Federline on diet’

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    Quote Originally Posted by FierceKiten View Post
    She's just jealous she cant eat like that anymore.
    Give it a week or two, she'll be bloated up on cheetos and frapps again.

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    Yes, K-Fat (or K-OVERfed or Kevin Fatterline, or whatever his new nickname is these days) is indeed fat. But who the hell is Shitney to "put him on a diet", or to order him to do ANYTHING???!!? He's her EX-husband & she has NO say about things concerning his personal life such as his weight. The article mentions that she ordered him to slim down because she doesn't want their sons to learn that it's ok to be fat & sloppy. But WHO IS SHITNEY TO TALK about showing their sons that it's not ok to be this or that???!!!?? This is a woman who spent over a year basically abandoning her sons (but at one point holding one of them hostage & threatening to kill herself in front of him!), teaching them that it's ok to be a drug abuser (which is what she was, as the Court pointed out at the time), to smoke cigarettes, and to behave as an all-around MESS. Yes, she may have changed, but that wasn't very long ago at all, and she certainly doesn't have the credibility to be ordering their sons' father (who's been the BETTER of the two parents) to do anything. She needs to just worry about HERSELF & being a good mother!
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    She probably doesn't have a clue what a healthy diet is anyway.

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    He can't loose the weight, if he does then all of his friends at the bowling alley will make fun of him.

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    Yes...because Britney's the best person to give diet advice!

    Her idea of a 'diet' is a handful of diet pills washed down with about twenty red bulls with in between cheeto snacking.

    And then once the binging is all finished it's time to visit mr. toilet!

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