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Thread: Britney Spears' dramatic body transformation

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    I remember her saying in an interview that she did 200 crunches every day.

    IT would be a hard bod to maintain, its low body fat % so it'll be all down to high protien diet, cardio and strength. Plus she was and still is a dancer and a gymnast so I'm not surprised. She knows how to work hard.

    And that is the last good thing I say about her.
    "Don't think that sticking your boobs out and trying to look fuckable will help. Remember your in a rock and roll band. It's not "Fuck Me", It's "Fuck You!"
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    DUH, they say shes lost boobage in her quest to be thin, but in the same sentence they say its due to plastic surgery that shes thin? U dont lose boobs when u use lipo/lipodissolve - it ISOLATES the area u wanna lose weight on.
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