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Thread: Best body

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    Call me crazy, but best body ever is a toss-up between these three

    Marilyn Monroe
    Danielle Fishel
    Monica Lewinsky

    Girls with curves but nice proportions

    Britney back in the day

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    I think Gisele, Heidi Klum, Elle McPherson, Jessica Biel or Megan Fox....they have great bodies (IMO)

    oh yeah and this guy (Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis)

    ^^^sexy beast......

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    For a girl I like the long tall supermodel bod...that is naturally thin and curvy without the boniness... but at the same time I love Kim K's bod.

    For a guy, I don't like fat. They can be slim/slim,muscular/muscular/muscular soft ....but fat? no thanks.

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