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Thread: Aretha Franklin looking skeletal

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    Yeah, those were some of the comments too. Didn't Aretha used to be married to "Colonel Taylor" from Different World? Wonder what he died of ... just researched and he's still alive so I'm wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palermo View Post
    doesn't it sound like it could be her? terrible

    When she dies, and that could happen shortly, the cause of death will be a “rare cancer.”

    Nearly all causes of death for those with HIV/AIDS is listed as something other than HIV/AIDS because it's not the immediate cause. If a person filling out the DC does so appropriately, AIDS will appear somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd line but line one will be whatever actually killed the person. AIDS & HIV are considered sequential only if they are an underlying cause for the immediate cause of death.

    So yeah to say the DC will state "rare cancer" or anything else other than AIDS is not incorrect.

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    But you know, that was the tea regarding Natalie Cole's death as well. And now Natalie's son has just died....
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    ^ Yes true and sad too as he's so young, but so was Natalie.
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