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Thread: Allegra Versace doing well in recovery from anorexia

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    you're an idiot and an asswipe. good gracious!
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    And a very non entertaining troll.
    "A true whore just loves her life." - Sluce

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    Quote Originally Posted by azoria View Post
    Geezus, this doesn't even look fully human.

    what is it exactly that makes her look non human.

    she has eyes.
    a nose
    a mouth.

    but yet together it just looks wrong. i know she looks like the chick janis, from the muppets, but i just can't put my finger on the combination that makes her so weird.

    i think i might be her upper lip kind of wrapping over her lower lip. and it's like her teeth are too big for her head, they are pushed out too far giving her a strange mound where her mouth is.

    i cant say her eyebrows help. especially when they are non existent.

    very strange looking lady.

    her daughter can be beautiful when she smiles. it's tragic she's so thin. and her purple hands actually give me anxiety. like that old joan van ark purple face picture. like living rigor mortis.

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    ^Imagine how scary she would look without that gorgeous nylon mop she's wearing on her head.
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    How in the ever living hell do you look in the mirror every day and proclaim, "Lookin' GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!"???????
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    Cocaine and weed.

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