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Thread: Adele - skinny & new implants?

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    Her face looks like someone totally different. And like she spray-tanned herself to the point of being unrecognizeable.

    Her body looks good. That is a LOT of weight.

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    She looks so cute...but I also thought she was very attractive when she was much bigger. She carried her excess weight well.
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    She looks beautiful in the second photo. Same face, same makeup and hair. I think her face is extraordinary. The first photo is more candid and it's the length of her face that makes her look off, or more harsh. The roundness in the second one pulls it back together. That's youth for you. Where you can do ass and face without getting the deflated balloon look. Reminds me of Jennifer Aniston's round face when she was 25-30 with her slender figure.

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    Good for her on the weight loss, she looks amazing!! She already had a pretty face when she was heavier. Not trying to knock her... just saying I think the super heavy makeup is a bit too harsh on her new slim face. A more natural look would be more flattering imo.

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