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Thread: Lisa Marie Presley on cover of National Enquirer

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    Default Lisa Marie Presley on cover of National Enquirer

    hey hey! this week's national enquirer broke word of a supposed split between jodie foster and longterm partner of fourteen years cydney bernard (although apparently they're still living under the same roof) i doubt we'll hear much about the situation from ms. foster - she's always been fiercely private about her personal life - and still has yet to officially 'come out' as a lesbian - and she shouldn't have to - that's totally her own business although i do suspect she'll be opening up at some point! i've always loved & respected ms. foster as an actress although i simply couldn't bear to see her last movie nim's island - totally not my type of flick

    moving on to the larger story on the cover (literally) we've got pregnant lisa marie presley looking huge last month - she must be ginormous by now (she's only halfway through her pregnancy) maybe she'll up angelina jolie (pregnant with twins) by one and drop triplets - we certainly haven't seen a pair of triplets in hollywood lately (i can't even recall one celebrity pregnancy that was more than twins - can you?) she also sounds like a total nightmare to deal with at the moment - those baby hormones must drive some ladies extra crazy - they're claiming ms. presley is having tantrums & meltdowns galore (she's a real-life pregzilla - stand back people!) plus they get all dramatic with 'she'll gain 100lbs' which does seem like an awful lot of extra baby weight to carry around - i wish lisa marie and her musician hubby michael lockwood all the luck in the world - it sounds like the couple might need it! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo

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    shit, is there enough room on the front page for her picture???
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    LOL@ Britney sex tape shocker.

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    She's not been hollywood skinny for a while now, plus isn't she a lot more pregnant that just half way through? If she had treatment to get pregnany that can put weight on too. Cut her a break, she's preggers, and it's obviously effecting her taste in clothing..... (actually the dress is ok, the orange fake tan is nasty tho!) and one of her boobies is trying to escape & run amoke!

    ETA: if she's due in "the fall" isn't that anything from Sept onward? we're late May now she's 6 months or so?
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