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Thread: Natalie Cassidy and other soap stars

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    Default Natalie Cassidy and other soap stars

    The Ender flab for Sonia ... Natalie Cassidy

    August 24, 2007


    EX-soapstar Natalie Cassidy looked suddy great at the Bourne Ultimatum premiere last week.

    The actress who played Sonia Jackson in EastEnders, has swapped boozy nights in the Vic for a stunning pint-sized figure.
    Since leaving the show eight months ago, the 24-year-old, has shed TWO STONE by ditching junk food and munching on fruit and veg instead.
    And she's not the only frumpy star to turn soapdish.
    Click on the images above to see our pick of former soap stars who've left their spare lbs on set.

    The Sun Online - Sun Woman: Frumpy stars turn East-slenders

    Nine stone loss ... Mikyla Dodd

    HOLLYOAKS' Mikyla Dodd, aka Chloe Bruce, lost a whopping nine stone, getting down to a size16 after leaving the show.
    She says: "I'm aware that to most people I'm still overweight, but I look the best that I have done for about 16 years."
    Mikyla is still following a strict diet and exercise plan, even if activities are simply walking at a fast pace for 15 minutes on a journey to work.

    Bad girl gone good ... Debra Stephenson

    FORMER Corrie actress Debra Stephenson, who played saucy Frankie Baldwin, shed over three stone after her second pregnancy.
    The blonde star, 32, lived on "cakes, cheese toasties and fish and chips", but lost her Frankie-nstein figure when she dumped the junk and began working out three times a week.

    Yummy mum ... Patsy Kensit

    HOLBY CITY and ex-Emmerdale star Pasty Kensit slimmed down by chucking out her frying pan.
    She revealed: "I have egg white omelettes for breakfast, then lots of steamed fish, chicken and veg. I eat three meals a day."

    Cor blimey! ... Vicky Entwistle

    CORRIE loudmouth Vicky Entwistle, aka Janice Battersby, dropped a massive two and a half stone on a strict diet and exercise regime.
    Her weight loss was so visible it had to be written into the script.
    Her advice to other dieters is: "Always eat breakfast. It's not a groundbreaking thing but it stops you picking all morning.
    "I didn't used to bother. I'd go to work and by 11am I'd be flagging and I'd eat 15 biscuits."

    From bitchy to beauty ... Charlie Brooks

    HEARTBEAT and ex-Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks lost over two stone after leaving the show in 2004.
    The actress, who played bitchy Janine, said: "I've now balanced out at about 9st, a size 10, and I feel wonderful for it."
    During her stint on the show, she was a size 16 and remains sympathetic to other trying to shed the lbs.
    "I feel sorry for youngsters who feel they are under pressure to lose weight and be unnaturally thin," she said.

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    They look good. None of them looks emaciated.
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    I miss Charlie Brooks - she looks great - they all do
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    Now that is a HEALTHY slim down! How refreshing!

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    Back in the boxed wine.


    Good god, Natalie Cassidy's first outfit would have looked horrible even if she was slimmer.
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    they all look better and not to much of a weight loss.

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