Angelina was more than happy to sign autographs for fans at the premiere for A Mighty Heart last night. As many of you have noted she looks very thin these days. Her smaller frame has sparked anorexia rumors but she tells London Evening Standard that's not the reason behind her recent weight loss. Here's more:

"Someone saying to me that I'm thin is not a compliment," Jolie said. "I've always been lean and this year I lost my mom and I've gone through a lot. I have four kids and I finished breastfeeding - it's been hard to get my nutrition back on track. Instead of people saying I look like a person dealing with something emotionally, they assume it's because I want to fit into skinny jeans."

Although she does look hot in her skinny jeans, it's good to know she realizes she looks thin and it's not on purpose. She certainly has gone through a lot of changes this year. Hopefully she will take a little more time for herself to get better.