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Thread: Kathy Griffin wants to lose weight

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    Default Kathy Griffin wants to lose weight

    Kathy Griffin, pictured here, has decided she needs to lose weight because she doesn’t fit in with the other size 2 skeletons of Hollywood.
    Not only that, but Kathy has decided to keep a diet diary, in which she will chronicle her eating and working out habits. And Star Magazine will be publishing it.
    “I know the people at Star know of some secret diet pill that will make me look like Nicole Richie and that’s why I am really doing this!” Kathy says enthusiastically.
    You can click here to read Kathy’s first diary entry, if you are so inclined.
    I can’t honestly figure out if this is some sort of joke, or if Kathy is on some sort of drugs or something. The Nicole Richie comment alone makes her sound as though she should be committed to a loony bin. Her diet diary on the other hand is just plain odd. Take this for example:
    In the past, Kathy’s tried everything to loose weight, from liposuction to “the super-pills that worked for a certain former Texas beauty queen!”

    “I tried TrimSpa because I figured if that model could lose all that weight, so could I,” Kathy said. “But it did nothing. They all failed! I just stayed fat.”
    Obviously she is talking about Anna Nicole Smith, who claimed to have lost her weight on Trimspa but didn’t. (More than likely it was a cocktail of drugs that did the trick).
    All I can say about this is… whew. A 138-pound, 32-inch waisted gal saying to the public she is fat and talking about lipo and diet pills? What is this world coming to?

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    She has a great bit about Anna Nicole in her standup---though this was prior to her death. It's hilarious!!

    Don't cave Kathy! I love you just the way you are!!! *kisses*

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    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    Isn't this old? I remember her doing this exact same thing a year ago on her reality show.

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    I think Kathy looks great. She's short and not a stick, but she's pretty slim. I'd guess she's around a size 6 at most.

    She must've always been supersensitive about her looks, but she doesn't have anything to be ashamed of at all.

    Kathy, you rock, sistah!
    “What are you looking at, sugar-tits?” - Mel Gibson

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    yes, the date on the article is a yr ago. she did lose weight and had pics in Star magazine of her progress

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    She is so neurotic, but I still love her to death! She looks good to me now, I wonder why she wants to lose weight?
    My goal is to be happy with my life.

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    its not so much that i think she needs to lose a ton of weight as much as she needs to firm up...lose 5-10lbs of fat and gain 5lbs of muscle

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