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Thread: Shrinking Trinny Woodall

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    Default Shrinking Trinny Woodall

    Trinny, and what not to wear when you're a bit skinny
    By RICHARD SIMPSON - More by this author »Last updated at 08:37am on 13th March 2007
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    Trinny's floral dress as she leaves Jodhpur
    It's the sort of question often thrown at style gurus Trinny and Susannah.
    What should a girl who's lost more weight than she would like wear so she can disguise her shrinking figure?

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    The answer, one suspects, would not be a clinging floral dress that draws attention to a somewhat bony chest.

    Nevertheless, that was the outfit chosen by Trinny Woodall as she arrived at the airport in Jodhpur before jetting home from Elizabeth Hurley's Indian nuptial celebrations.

    Friends have revealed that Trinny's weight loss reflects her fears for the health of her husband Johnny Elichaoff.

    The musician-turned company director, father of their four-year-old daughter Lyla - has spent recent months being treated at a Californian medical centre for an addiction to prescription painkillers.

    Troubled: With husband Johnny

    It is understood that he became addicted after having undergone some 20 operations following a horrific motorcycle accident. A friend said: "Since Johnny came out of rehab, Trinny just feels like she has been holding the family together.

    "She has also been filming a new series of Trinny & Susannah Undress, plus a Comic Relief The Apprentice show and she has been out to Liz Hurley's Indian wedding.

    "It has been non-stop and the worry over her work schedule and her home life has just made her lose her appetite."

    Despite 42-year- old Trinny's gaunt look, her spokesman quickly dispelled any talk of possible health problems. She said: "There's no ongoing issue with thinness. She's very healthy."

    The presenter and her TV partner Susannah Constantine wrote with honesty about Trinny's figure in an article three years ago.

    They said: "Trinny is thin with very short legs, no boobs. But because she has learned to disguise these defects, all the onlooker sees are endlessly long limbs.

    "And, because she dresses so well for her shape, you don't notice that she's as flat as a prairie."

    This is not the first time that Miss Woodall's appearance has made headlines.

    She admitted last year that for the past seven years - since before she became a television star - she has had regular Botox injections.

    Asked her views on plastic surgery in a magazine interview, she replied: "If you are going to do it, you have to be very aware of trying to remain objective about your face.

    "I've had Botox for seven years and I'm happy I've done it. The person I see very much believes that it's about prevention. I'd love to never have to have a facelift."

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    Aw poor trinny. She's always been kind of scrawny, but never this bad!

    (Americans: If you are wondering, she's one half of the original English version of Stacy and Clinton)

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    Ouch! I love Trinny, but that looks nasty. Xylophone-chest alert!

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    She looks horrendous. Yes always skinny but not cadaverous.

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    I hate Stacy and Clinton. I hate that we get the shit version of this program.

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    i watched comic relief meets the apprentice last nigth and was shocked at how scrawny she looked, more than she normally does

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    I noticed that she was much thinner than usual when she was on Oprah a few days ago. I love Trinny and Susannah, but Suse did most of the talking on Oprah. She even talked more than Oprah, which is something of a miracle.

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    the BBC version is available in the US also, I've watched it don't get BBC?

    Quote Originally Posted by OCD View Post
    I hate Stacy and Clinton. I hate that we get the shit version of this program.

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